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Get your Application issued

You must have your completed Form 8: Application issued by the court. To do this, you take all your forms to court where the court clerk reviews them to make sure everything is complete. Then they sign, date, and stamp your Application.

The court clerk gives you:

After the court clerk issues your documents, you need to make at least 2 copies of all your documents. One copy is for you and the other copy is for your partner.

Make sure you keep a copy of every document you and your partner fill out. This allows you to keep track of your case yourself. You won’t have to go to the court to ask the court clerk to get your file if you need to check something.

Court fees

The Ontario Court of Justice has no court fees. But, if your case is at the Superior Court of Justice or the Family Branch of the Superior Court of Justice you have to pay court fees. These include:

  • $202 to file an Application
  • $212 to file an Application that includes a divorce

If you can’t afford to pay the court fees, you can ask the court for a "fee waiver". If you get a waiver, it means you don't have to pay most court fees. The Ontario government’s A Guide to Fee Waiver Requests tells you which court fees can be waived and how to ask for a fee waiver.